Buick Classic Car Furniture

Classic Couches is proud to say that we offer a wide variety of Buick car furniture designs and builds from what used to be considered a "family car" in the 1950's. Buicks have very unique chrome that makes the automotive furniture that Classic Couches fabricates into these beautiful works of art. We stock a wide variety of Buick parts and are ready to build your dream piece from an Iconic Buick automobile. Buicks can be fabricated into Buick Wall Art, Buick Desks, Buick Couches, Buick Diner Booths, Buick TV Stands and so much more. We stand ready to guide you through the process of deciding what Buick item will be just exactly what you have in your dreams! Contact us today at (815) 684-5310 or information@sweetsofas.com to learn more about our projects!

Sweet Sofas has built sooo many pieces of Car Funtiture over the years we have sorted our car couches by make so you can pick your favorite model.  Please choose from the list below.


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1955 Buick Rear Sofa
55 Buick Rear Sofa

1955 Buick Rear Couch
55 Buick Rear Couch





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