- Are your items built from original automobiles?
- Really!?!? Original cars?
Yes, each item is built and restored from original automobile parts

- We are interested in selling your products, do you have dealers?
Yes, we have dealers in many markets, covering many industries. There is always room for more, we would love to hear from you!

- What cars can I choose from?

Any year, make, and model automobile. We inventory many front and rear ends of cars. If we don’t have it we can find it!

-Can you take my car and make it into furniture?

- Can you build a custom project for me?
Yes, in fact every project is custom to our customers specifications.

- How long have you been in business?
Designing and building automotive furniture for more than 25 years

- How do you ship your furniture?
In most cases we ship our furniture via truck freight. We package your item in a large plywood crate (fee may apply) and secure in place with multiple layers of protective materials. We do offer white glove service that will bring the item into your home/business.

- What color can you paint my furniture?

Using our line of high end base coat/clear coat paint we can color match any original manufacturers colors as well as custom colors. Special effects optional (I.e. candies, flames, pin stripe, lettering, and more)

- What are my interior options?
Standard with contract grade vinyl. Options for natural leather, synthetic leather, cloth, and more

- Can you ship International?
Yes, we can ship to nearly any country in the world via ocean or air service, to port or to your door

- Do the lights work?
Yes, headlights and tail lights work on 110V electric. Just plug them into an outlet.

- Are the bumpers chrome or painted?
The bumpers are chrome. In fact all of the chrome plating is newly done and show quality.



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