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  • Our automotive furniture is made from real cars, not reproductions
  • Each project is custom made to your specifications
  • We can accommodate special requests
  • Any year, make, and model Vehicle
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  • We can use your car or find one for you
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Kiddie Ride Restorations

Exceptional Restorations Of Vintage Rides

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Satellite Kiddie Ride

Rocket Kiddie Ride


'Classic Couches' has always been dedicated to creating the ultimate in car furniture but, occasionally the crew likes to try something new. Please take a moment to visit our new website at to see the amazing transformations of vintage coin op kiddie rides and carnival rides. We take the same approach to restoring rides, that we do with car furniture. Each and every item is restored to show room new condition through countless hours of skilled and loving labor. We have extensive experience in repairing wood, composite, steel, and aluminum ride bodies. Restoring old coin op kiddie rides can be a challenge with the near complete lack of reproductions parts; Ride Restorations is equipped to reproduce worn and missing parts in a variety of materials. Our primary interest is restoring vehicles; Coin Op Rocket Ships, Carnival Cars, Truck Rides, and Motorcycles of any nature. Although, we have also enjoyed working on Horses, Elephants, Carousals, and more. Unlike our current line of car furniture, including; car couches, car desks, car décor, and similar items... Many of the vintage rides have complex mechanical components and we are proud to have completed flawless restorations of the internal workings of each ride.

Through the outlet, we offer sales and service. Fortunately, years of contacts in buying and selling collectible rides has given us a great opportunity to unite buyers and sellers. We can simply restore your existing ride to the desired level of perfection within your budget. If you are looking for a particular ride and it happens to not be in our large inventory we can locate it for you. If you are looking to part with a ride we can take it as a consignment, help you sell it at auction, buy it for our inventory, or directly connect you with collectors.

Lastly, we look forward to the opportunity to discuss your classic coin op kiddie ride or vintage carnival ride needs. Visit email us at or give us a call at (815) 684-5310



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