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Quick Facts:
  • Our automotive furniture is made from real cars, not reproductions
  • Each project is custom made to your specifications
  • We can accommodate special requests
  • Any year, make, and model Vehicle
  • World Wide Shipping Available
  • We can use your car or find one for you
  • Dealer inquiries welcome
Sweet Sofas Car Furniture

Need an eye catching-customer Counter?
How about a one-of-a-kind checkout Car Counter center?'

Counters/Point of Purchase Displays

Car Counters'Classic Couches' Car furniture is excited to offer a line of custom built automotive counters and car point of purchase units. Our process offers an exceptional amount of options Car Countersto completely personalize your car counter to your exact specifications. Starting with an original automobile and providing a world class restoration service that will Car Furnituremake your counter the shining new centerpiece of your store or restaurant. We can provide your car counter with or without custom mill work on the employee side of the counter. Counter tops are available in glass, acrylic, laminate, and painted surfaces. Units are built to size, to ensure a perfect fit. Consider using our car hostess stand, car point of purchase, car trade show booth, and other car furniture items in your space.Car Furniture Designs offer full bodied, wrap-around, 3/4, 1/2, front or rear, or a slab configurations. Average Weight for a car counter start at 500 lbs. Prices start at $4,700.00

Wall Hangings

Car Furniture'Classic Couches' Car Furniture line has expanded to offer car wall hangings and other automotive wall art. Using original automobile parts, not reproductions. The most popular car wall hanging uses the front or rear section of an Car Furnitureautomobile cut to a short depth (usually around 24in) able to be hung on a wall. Generally, no special modifications are necessary to hang the item on load bearing walls. Designs can be built for outdoor use. Most car wall hanging art will fit through standard doorways. Average weight starts at 125lbs Prices start at $3200 for car fronts and $475 for smaller units.

Car Wall Hangings
Car Wall Hanging

Product Information

All painted metal parts are stripped (media blasted), smoothed, primed and painted to original or custom specs, including a clear coat for durability.
•Chrome parts are stripped and re- plated to show luster.
•Lights are brought back to working order and can be turned on or off. Products can be either 110 volt or European compatible.
•Upholstery can be leather, cloth or vinyl.
•High quality foam is used in the seats to provide long lasting comfort through shape retention.
•Bases are covered in black carpet, so they seem to disappear and will not detract from the finished unit. For commercial use, where floor cleaning is required, black plastic laminate is used.
•The back side of all furniture items is completely finished, so that the furniture may be placed for viewing from all sides.
•All items that feature mounted tires will be matched to original or custom specifications.
•Items can be fully customized, for example: Frenched-in lights, model mixes, louvers, and custom paint (color and/or effects).

Order, Delivery & Shipping

•Items can be shipped to any location world wide.
•Distributorship inquiries are welcome.
•Quantity discounts are available.
•Pricing can be affected by the market value of certain autos and trucks, and the cost of materials related to the specific vehicle.

•Average delivery on most custom items is 30-60 days.
•All units are shipped fully assembled in solid, wood crates, via common carrier FOB Chadwick, IL (crating and shipping costs are not included in the unit price.

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