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  • Our automotive furniture is made from real cars, not reproductions
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Sweet Sofas Car Furniture

Classic Couches founded in 1982

‘Classic Couches’ was founded by renowned memorabilia restorer E.L. Smith in 1982. The initial couch was created from a locally purchased ‘50s Buick with construction commencing on Christmas Eve. That first car was built into the now classic rear facing couch design. Although, the design has evolved over the years the basic features are still today’s standards.
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Over the years many skilled artisans have come and gone in our 30+ years. Even an ownership change over a decade ago.  The same light hearted, goal driven, family still persists. Some current employees date back to the first couch, and some weren't even born yet.

               Today’s couches are built on the same hallowed ground that the first car couch grew from. Of course it’s seen some great changes over the years. Adding square footage, dry storage, increased utility capabilities, professional space for office staff, and better creature comforts.  

               The marketing structure of days gone by was much in line with other auto related companies. On site venues such as trade shows, swap meets, and business fairs consumed many days of travel. Print ads from automotive trade magazines to gentleman’s magazines were placed to gain brand recognition. Today’s structure is a modern approach of internet, social marketing, and trade shows.

               Over the year’s coke machines, gas pumps, and carnival rides were done side by side with our line of automotive furniture. Today a designated group and location deal only with the automotive furniture with supplement staff doing our other lines of memorabilia restoration.  

 There should be no surprise that the design team is really the first step in any of our projects. Choosing the right year, make, and model is a key first step. Then we look at specific design features, taking into account any challenges that could be encountered (door width restrictions, ADA concerns, and others). Beyond the core shape of the project we look at exterior color options. Interior upholstery selections start with material selection then color options and patterns. Once the design is set the plan goes into motion. Whether building a car couch, car chair, car bar, car desk, car wall hanging, or other car display each project starts in a 'junk yard' taking a derelict car and preparing its parts for a high end restoration. Through each step our client is updated and kept in control of all decisions. We listen to our customers concerns and use our experience to creatively solve problems. Our multi-talented team is experienced both in the specialty of designing and building long lasting furniture as well as, automotive restoration techniques resulting in Car Furniture that are sure to impress.


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