It's a very hot day here at the shop, we are building crates to ship out some beautiful car couches :)
It is a very nice day here at the shop. We just completed a few big Chevrolet couch projects. One of them is going to a new customer of ours in Texas!
We just signed up for a trade show. We are so excited to announce this to everyone!
It’s a hot day here in the shop. We are moving stuff around to get some more junk cars in to start the beginning process and turn them into car couches. Can’t wait to show everyone!
It’s all about welding and rust repair on our big car furniture project. It won’t be long, and we’ll be able to start the transformation to car couches with these old junk yard parts
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Car Furniture by Sweet Sofas

Welcome to a car furniture website, dedicated to our passion for building the ultimate in automotive furniture. Our facility, crew, and leadership were set in place many years ago with the purpose of providing the public with an affordable, custom built, and perfectly restored car couch.

1957 Chevy Car Couch

Since then our line has grown to include other wonderful designs including auto desks, auto bars, and auto displays. As our furniture has been for nearly 30 years, each item is made from original automobiles, not reproductions. There is no project to big nor to small for our team, from the smallest table to the biggest booth our attention to detail and customer service is second to none.

I welcome you to visit the first set of pages on the navigation bar that will give you specific information on different 1947 Ford Truck Furniture items such as Car Sofas Car Chairs, Car Desks Car Bars, Car Counters Point of Purchase and Displays made from original cars, other automotive theme projects, and ways we can be contacted. A second set of pages will show you a sample of completed projects organized into groups of similar items. Other pages show interesting information about our business. If you are outfitting a 1956 Dodge Automotive Furniture commercial location or are interested in learning more about becoming a dealer of our furniture line I welcome those inquiries. Bulk orders are met with a plan to meet project goals for budget and time from. Have a time sensitive car furniture project!? Give us a call. I look forward to hearing from you! Joshua Kreuder
Phone us at: 815-684-5310

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