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Quick Facts:
  • Our automotive furniture is made from real cars, not reproductions
  • Each project is custom made to your specifications
  • We can accommodate special requests
  • Any year, make, and model Vehicle
  • World Wide Shipping Available
  • We can use your car or find one for you
  • Dealer inquiries welcome
Sweet Sofas Car Furniture

Cool Automotive Collector Items

Classic Car memorabilla

Gas Pumps

Restored Gas Pumps'Classic Couches' is proud to offer gas pump restoration in addition to our car part furniture projects. We offer a wide selection of old gas pumps that are ready to be fully restored to your specifications. Offering visible, computer, and clock face pumps. Old gas pumps can be restored to virtually any company and colors or your custom theme. Also available are petro globes and signs for display in your CarRoom.

Drive-In Speakers

Restored Drive In SpeakersDrive In Movie Speakers are a great addition to your car couch purchase. Offering several styles of speakers and hangers, in both working and display only condition. We also offer Drive In Movie Speaker pole and base combinations that are stable and safe for most flooring.

Pedal Car Restorations

Restored Pedal CarsVisit us to see our pedal cars for sale. We restore more than just car couches! Our pedal car restoration service is offered for all eras, models, and make of ride on and pedal cars. We also have pedal car parts for sale.

Tire Tables

Tire Table FurnitureThe perfect addition to your car part furniture display, a tire table! Made from vintage tires, wheels, and hub caps with great stability. Offered in custom colors, sizes, and heights. This is the perfect man cave coffee table.

Parking Meter

Restored Parking MeterHow about a restored vintage parking meter, next to your car sofa? We have a wide selection of antique and vintage parking meters, in working condition. Optional display pole and base combinations available. We can restore them to original or do a custom theme with the colors and city name of your choice. A great accessory to display with your Automotive Furniture!

Themed Car Door

Themed Car DoorOur Automotive Furniture creations also include some great car theme wall décor! We have a great supply of vintage car doors to paint in your favorite theme. Popular versions are Checker Cab, Police, Fire, Service Station, and others. Custom made to your order. Self standing and ready to hang models available.

Engine Table

Automotive Engine TableAn engine block table is a great addition to any CarRoom (Note: no space between car & room). We can custom build an engine block coffee table from virtually any popular motor! Many options available include; rolling stands, cutaway displays, glass & acrylic tops, colors, performance parts, and so much more.

Drive-in Diner Menu Board

Dinner Menu BoardDrive In Diner Menu Boards make fantastic retro décor. We offer; Route 66, Bob's Big Boy, and Mel's Diner versions. Flashing red car hop light, lighted menu, working speaker with volume control, and stable base & pole combination. We often have original Dog n' suds, A&W, Sonic, and other boards in stock. Great to display with your Muscle Car Couch

Restored Popcorn Machine

Restored Popcorn MachineWe have great experience in the restoration of vintage popcorn vending machines. Commonly used in theaters to vend popcorn to customers for 10-25 cents. We can restore your machine or use one from our inventory. These are great to display with your car furniture.

Dummy Bomb Signs

Replica Dummy BombsUsing replica WWII practice and dummy bombs we can create hanging signs and displays. These can be done with vintage nose art or any artwork. Several sizes and tail section variations are available.

Candy Vending Machine

Restored Candy Vending Machine'Classic Couches' is an experienced restorer of Vintage Candy Vending Machines. Offering sales and service on vintage and antique coin operated vending machines. Restoration of your machine or choose from our inventory. Custom colors and artwork available. A great addition to your auto furniture décor.


Product Information

Media blasted, smoothed, primed and painted to original or custom specs, including a clear coat for durability.
•Chrome parts are stripped and re- plated to show luster.
•Lights are brought back to working order and can be turned on or off. Products can be either 110 volt or European compatible.
•Upholstery can be leather, cloth or vinyl.
•High quality foam is used in the seats to provide long lasting comfort through shape retention.
They seem to disappear and will not detract from the finished unit. For commercial use, where floor cleaning is required, black plastic laminate is used.
•The back side of all furniture items is completely finished, so that the furniture may be placed for viewing from all sides.
•All items that feature mounted tires will be matched to original or custom specifications.
•Items can be fully customized, for example: Frenched-in lights, model mixes, louvers, and custom paint (color and/or effects).

Order, Delivery & Shipping

Items can be shipped to any location world wide.
•Distributorship inquiries are welcome.
•Quantity discounts are available.
•Pricing can be affected by the market value of certain autos and trucks, and the cost of materials related to the specific vehicle.

Average delivery on most custom items is 30-60 days.
•All units are shipped fully assembled in solid, wood crates, via common carrier FOB Chadwick, IL
(crating and shipping costs are not included in the unit price.